Dress Code in IRAN

Dress Code in IRAN Iran is a country with a dress code and respecting Islamic rules including “Hijab” or theIslamic dress-code is a necessity in Iran. However such rules are not observed strictly, especially for tourists and foreigners. Basically, the rules are quite simple: for men, no short pants or extreme short sleeve and tight shirts. For women, head and hair must be covered, and it is also necessary to wear something loose to cover the body. Chador Female-travelers-in-Iran What to wear then? (Dress Code in IRAN) Most people [...]

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Food & Beverage in IRAN

Food & Beverage in IRAN Foods are interesting individually and when they are served with the appropriate drink, they are more delicious. Stunning variety of culinary makes it possible for everyone to choose the right food according to taste. Iranian foods are different from the North to the South even you can taste different kind of fishes with various savor which is shown that Caspian Sea in the North and Persian Gulf in the South have completely different ecosystems. Iranian main courses are comprised with rice. As a lunch [...]

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Women Safety In Iran?

Women Safety In Iran Iran is a safe country and many women travel to Iran alone without facing any issues. Although women can expect to be stared at whilst walking along the street, the stares are more often out of interest rather than aggression or anger. Many women report that ignoring the staring is effective; however offering a smile will reap more rewards! In major cities of Iran, there is a Tourist Police Station in touristic places which provide travelers with information and security. People are also accustomed to [...]

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What type of habitats exists in Iran

If you want to do birdwatching in Iran do you know what type of habitats exists in this country? Iran is a vast country but every vast country does not have different habitats. Fortunately you can find different habitats in Iran with various birds. According to ecozones Iran is  located in Palearctic  a terrestrial ecoregion which is a temperate region including Europe, Asia, north of the Himalaya foothills , north Africa and the northern and central part of Arabian Peninsula. Iran is both in Western and also Eastern Palearctic [...]

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Amazing & great entertainment

We humans have been living for thousands of years in nature, enjoying and watching wildlife was our entertainment on that time. Between different species birds were more noticed as some of them migrating and some other singing and we enjoyed their songs. They can freely fly and they inspired humans to fly. After all in our modern and developed era still visiting nature and specially bird watching which is famous in some countries are still interesting for us. They are even great activities which can suppose as a hilling [...]

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Why birding in Iran?

Why birding in Iran?- A place to birding Do you know where Iran is? It is in the north of Middle-East and it was known as Persia in the past. Iran is connected to sea both from the north to Caspian Sea and also in the south to Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. The country is vast enough with different climates and high mountains beside deep plain and deserts in spite of jungles and forests. Birding in Iran with more than 530 bird species is something [...]

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Nowruz as the most splendid, popular, and ancient Iranian festival is deeply rooted in Zoroastrianism. Iranians celebrate New Year with revival of nature from wintertime. Ancientness, colorfulness, and affluent symbolism of Nowruz are comparable to other countries and nations’ beliefs and customs. […]

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February 21st is an unforgettable date on every Iranian tourist guide’s calendar. Every year, the Iranian tourist guides gather together to celebrate their own special day with tourist guides all over the world. The ceremony always starts at 9:57 AM to remind them about discipline and commitment. This event, which is rarely seen even in the most organized Iranian organizations dates back to nearly a decade ago. […]

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Pasargad, Aghamir Human Rights Cottage – A Knot in Peace Carpet Arriving in Fars province, Kamin, the old central district in Pasargad, a universal heritage, welcomed the cross-country cycling team members whose aim is to support Iran WFTGA 2017 convention and its messages: “Iran; Friendly Faces, Open Arms, Ancient Cultures, Timeless Charms” […]

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TEHRAN – Tour guides have a major role to play in building the future of Iran’s tourism industry and should be the core of it, the Vice President of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) Ruby Roy said. She described Iran as a country with “incredible historical and cultural treasures which were unforgettable”. […]

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